I help creative teams turn a digital idea into reality by finding the right tools to use, then researching, designing, coding and building whatever's needed.

I can design and build websites, apps, animations, games, Arduino-powered devices, machine learning networks or anything else that needs making. I'm dedicated to making sure a project looks good, feels good and works well.

I've made some award-winning work for companies across Europe and Australasia, and my personal projects have been viewed by over a million people.

BNZ Convert It

BNZ I researched and then built the prototype for BNZ Convert It, a mobile app that scans prices in real time through your phone's camera then converts them into New Zealand currency. I then helped oversee the development of the app, which currently has over 35,000 downloads.

The app works offline by downloading rates when it has an internet connection and uses Google's ML Kit to recognise text.

Dine Creamy Treats

Mars/Dine I trained a deep neural network to recognise cat faces, then combined it with the Google Cloud Vision API to create the world's first Non-Cat-Face Recogniton software.

The site was part of the Dine Creamy Treats campaign, with the aim to help owners see more of their cat's face rather than its behind.

Pedigree SelfieStix

Mars/Pedigree I built an app that uses machine learning to recognise dog faces, then overlays hilarious filters on them. The world's first SnapChat for dogs, if you will.

Even Stranger Things

My projects To celebrate the release of season two of 'Stranger Things', I designed and built a website that uses machine learning with Google's Cloud Vision API to recognise the objects in an uploaded image, then generates a 'Stranger Things' styled image from it.

The site had over 300,000 visitors to it in its first 24 hours, and was featured on The Next Web, Mic, Product Hunt and reddit's front page.

Emirates Team New Zealand

Hewlett Packard I co-built the software for the HP Emirates Team New Zealand activation, running in central Auckland during the America's Cup race. The activation visualised the amount of power generated as people cycled on Wattbikes.

The experience was designed to give you a sense of what it's like to be a 'Cyclor' on the Team New Zealand boat, and to see how much energy you could produce compared to the boys on the boat.

Child Replacement Programme

Pedigree I built the web platform for the Pedigree 'Child Replacement Programme'. Aimed at parents whose kids had moved out, the tool allowed empty-nesters to specify details of their departed child and be matched with a dog at a local shelter that needed a new home.


My projects In 2012 I built Petswitch, a tool that allows you to overlay your face onto your pet's. The results were both horrifying and hilarious. Since then the site's been viewed by over 500,000 people, and was featured on CNET.

BNZ Prospect

BNZ I co-built BNZ Prospect, a web tool to find the best suburb to buy a house in Auckland. The tool ranks the suitabiltiy of a sububrb based on a wide variety of data sources from categories such as schooling, safety, urban recreation, commute time, price and more.

Pedigree Found

Pedigree I co-built Pedigree Found – a mobile app that can help you find your lost dog in real time by using geolocation and targeted advertising powered by Google's ad network.

Home turf

BNZ The BNZ Crusaders win on home turf more than any other team. BNZ wanted to reward loyal fans by hiding $25,000 under the home turf at AMI Stadium in Christchurch.

I built the web platform for the competition that allowed users to select one of 15,000 spots on the field for a chance to take home the money.

Shred my mortgage

BNZ New Zealanders accumulate six million dollars in home loan interest every four hours. I built the online 'Shred My Mortgage' tool, which applies a pretty tricky formula to a user's entered mortgage amount, and shows how much they can save if they incrementally increase their mortgage payments over the course of the loan. In some cases the savings can run into hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Breaking Bad

My projects I built the Breaking Bad element finder tool, which identifies the chemical elements in any text you specify then generates a 'Breaking Bad' style animation/graphic from it. The site's had a few hundred thousand visitors to it over the years and has made it to the front page of reddit twice.