Hi! I’m David Arcus and I’m a web developer and designer — with agency experience as an artworker, video editor, animator and photographer. I’ve worked with some of Europe’s biggest companies, and helped make some award winning projects. I’d love to .

I can build sites in HTML(5), CSS2/3, PHP, mySQL, AJAX, jQuery, Javascript, Flash, AS2 and AS3. I have experience with Apache and I've worked at the command line in Linux environments. I'm happy designing using Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver or just Notepad.

I'm happy using both Premiere Pro and After Effects (as well as Particular) for editing footage and generating special effects. I've worked on a variety of projects and I'm used to getting stuff done quickly.

I've produced both animated and interactive content in Flash and After Effects. I've got lots of ideas for how an animation might work but I can take a scamp and run with it as well. I've also worked with TweenMax in AS2 and AS3.

I've designed books, posters, brochures, flyers, bus-stop signs, pull-up stands and even flags. I'm happy using InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, and I'm pretty handy with a scalpel. I've also been the photographer for a few jobs. See more of my photos here.

I'm a 29 year old Kiwi back in NZ after four years in London. I help creatives bring ideas with a digital component to life. I also like putting my face on people's pets. If you think I could help you .

Standard Bank: I lead the development of an iPad web app that allows people to make connections with other people then visualise their relationships in real time.

Breaking Bad: 25th Nov 2013 — I made a web app that finds all the elements from the Periodic Table in your name and displays them – 'Breaking Bad' style. 60,000 unique visitors checked it out.

Marks & Spencer: I built the M&S 2013 graduate recruitment website, which looks and feels like a tablet.

New Look: I built the New Look careers website, which features a scrapbook style layout and panning horizontal navigation.

Petswitch: 7th May 2013 — I designed and built Petswitch, a site that puts your face on your pet. 200,000 pageviews later and it's still horrifying. (It was also featured on CNET!)

Standard Bank: I edited this short video for Standard Bank, chronicling the efforts of its employees for Mandela Day in 2013.

H&M: I was the photographer for this H&M brochure about some of its top employees.

TNS: I built TNS Signature, a web based training tool used by over 6,000 TNS employees across the world.

O2: I helped build O2 Fanclub, a social employee recognition tool used by over 10,000 of O2's employees.

RSA: I created this animated kinetic typography piece to promote RSA's new learning and development tool.

RSA: I helped develop Spotlight, a social employee recognition tool, which has won a numer of awards.

Standard Bank: I created this animated kinetic typography piece for Standard Bank's 'Know Africa. Live Africa. Love Africa' campaign.

Marks & Spencer: I created this animated kinetic typography piece for M&S, shown to graduates to help promote working in retail.

Sony: I helped develop a learning and development portal for Sony Music.

Standard Bank: I produced this holding animation video for Standard Bank.

O2/Telefonica: I built the Telefonica mobile news website, a content-managed Wordpress site that automatically generates a news feed directly from O2's intranet via the Amazon S3 API.

Standard Bank: I helped build Create It, a tool to create print-ready and on-brand comms for businesses.

TNS: I helped storyboard and then editied a series of training videos for staff at TNS.

WMW: I built a custom Wordpress template for the agency I work for — WMW.

Marks and Spencer: I artworked this takeover ad for M&S's multi-channel campaign, featured on RetailWeek's website.

O2/Telefonica: I designed and animated this kinetic typography piece for Telefonica, shown internally to employees.

TNS: I created this short animated kinetic typography piece TNS to introduce their learning and development portal.

NZ Retail Association: I did the design and photography for this brochure for the NZ Retail Association.

City Academy London: I was the photographer for the cast of the City Academy's production of 'Rent'.

Standard Bank: I designed and built the 'Standard people, amazing stories' website, which celebrates employees' contributions to the community.

Wedding bells: 26th March 2013 — Just received the wedding invitations I designed for our friends Clio and Tom. Can't wait guys!

RSA: 8th June 2012 — As part of RSA's new Learning & Development branding, our designer Chris came up with guidelines for the order of colours for each letter in headlines. I wrote a tool to generate an image from any word specified. RSA ended up using it themselves to generate their email signatures.

Dooberry: 19th Feb 2013 — We listen to Spotify at work. I designed and built this 'Dooberry' that lets the people of the world see what we're listening to, in real time (for better or worse…). It was also a good opportunity to play with the lovely fonts available at Typekit.

Throw me: 18th July 2012 — I've been playing around with the APE physics engine, written in AS3. The result of my efforts is the ability to throw me onto a wall, or drop a giant 8 ball on me.

Jess Chambers: I designed these gig posters for Jess Chambers as part of her nationwide Spring tour of NZ.

MSD: I designed this brochure about internships for the Ministry Of Social Development.

Maori Language Commision: I designed the 'We love Te Reo' logo, part of a nationwide campaign in New Zealand to promote the use of Maori language.

Celia Dunlop: I laid out and clearcut all the artwork for this book about the late Celia Dunlop, a Wellington art collector.

JR Design: When I worked for JR Design I designed and built the website for the agency.

NZQA: I designed these pullup stands for the NZQA, promoting courses to learn Te Reo Maori.